Governor of Ankara bans May 1 march

The traditional International Workers Day march of trade unions and professional associations in Ankara on May 1 has been banned by the governor of the province this year, left-nationalist news site OdaTV said.

The governorate argued in its response to the application that the applicants would use the event for political purposes outside the scope of the application.

It also said that the slogans the groups had indicated might be chanted at the demonstration could lead to disturbances of the peace.

Among those slogans the governorate said were suspicious on the list were the slogans in Kurdish, those referring to the deaths of workers in accidents, and some of those against the war, the government, the ruling party, and attacks on press freedom.

The list of slogans deemed too provocative also included “end compulsory religious education”, “the murders of women are not personal, they are political”, and “we do not want nuclear power stations”.