2,500-year-old Aphrodite temple discovered in Turkey

Turkish archaeologists have discovered the remains of a 2,500-year-old ancient Greek temple in western Turkey, state-run Anadolu news agency reported on Saturday.

The find was made while the team was screening a 1,600-square-metre area covering parts of Urla, Ceşme and Seferihisar districts in Izmir province, the agency said.

“During our screening of the surface, we detected the Aphrodite Temple from 6th century B.C.,” Elif Koparal, who was leading the excavations, told Anadolu. She said that the first traces of the temple were discovered back in 2016, however her excavation team uncovered a significant social and economic network.

Aphrodite is the ancient Greek goddess of love, beauty, pleasure, passion and procreation.

Koparal said Aphrodite’s cult following was common in ancient Greece.

Koparal’s team also uncovered 35 pre-historic era human settlements, including 16 from the late Neolithic period, Anadolu said.