Turkish archaeologists find 1,500-year-old church

Turkish archaeologists have discovered one of the earliest churches in Anatolia, U.S. magazine Newsweek said.

The church was discovered during an excavation of the ancient city of Hadrianapolis, in the northern Turkish province of Karabük, it said.

“The find dates back to the mid-fifth century,” Ersin Çelikbaş, a member of Karabük University’s archaeology department was quoted as saying.

“We know very well that the Christians arrived in the Amasra harbour during this era and visited Hadrianapolis,” Çelikbaş said.

The church is built on what was a popular pilgrimage route for the region’s first Christians, the magazine said.

Archaeologists started working at Hadrianapolis 15 years ago, and they have since discovered two churches, two public baths, and a theatre, Newsweek said.