Oct 10 2018

Turkish footballer Arda Turan hits on singer Berkay’s wife before breaking his nose

Arda Turan, one of Turkey’s top footballers, has broken singer Berkay’s nose due to an argument over the artist’s wife, Özlem Ada Şahin, Turkish press outlets reported on Wednesday.

Berkay ended up in hospital after being smacked by the Istanbul Başakşehir midfielder at a leisure spot in the Istanbul neighbourhood Emirgan, where Turan had gone to spend his day off with friends.

Şahin told a reporter for Turkish newspaper HaberTürk that the incident had started after the footballer, who was sitting at a table next to her and Berkay, approached her to tell her he “would not miss a girl like her” if he had not been married.

Berkay arrived on the scene to tell his wife he was sending her home, at which point Turan punched him in the face, breaking his nose, according to Şahin. The singer was immediately taken to the hospital to have surgery on his nose.

At this point, the story takes a surprisingly melodramatic turn, with Turan reportedly taking a gun to the hospital, where he begged for forgiveness from Berkay, assuring him he was not aware Şahin was his wife, and telling the singer to “kill him.”

The footballer, who moved back to Turkey last year on loan from Barcelona FC, may have faced similarly dramatic scenes attempting to explain himself to his pregnant wife, Aslıhan Doğan. The couple tied the knot this year in a small ceremony witnessed by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

On Wednesday Turan posted a cryptic statement on Instagram admitting that a “simple argument” had broken out but denying that he broke singer Berkay’s nose for the reasons given by Şahin.