Tax incentives increase tomato smuggling from Turkey to Armenia

Tomato smuggling from Turkey to Armenia has increased since the Armenian government introduced new tax incentives in summer allowing natural persons to carry up to 50 kg of imports from other countries, Armen Press reported on Thursday. 

The Armenian State Revenue Committee president Davit Ananyan told reporters that high volumes of tomato has been imported by people smuggling goods from Turkey. 

“We don’t have information about this simply because they didn’t get documented at the customs,” Armen Press quoted Ananyan as saying. 

Ananyan said that in many instances cargo trucks carrying up to 20 tons of products had unloaded tomatoes at a neutral zone between Georgia and Armenia . People then imported those tomatoes by each carrying 50 kg in languages.  

“And in many cases we were unable to carry out any control function,” the Armenian official said. 

“We had the goal of assisting the population so they can import greater volumes of luggage for their own household purposes,” Ananyan said, adding that the Armenian government discusses measures against the abuse of tax incentives.