Alleged attacker of Turkish shops was ISIS supporter, say German authorities

A man arrested on Friday in connection to attacks on Turkish shops in Germany’s southeastern state of Bavaria was a follower of the Islamic State (ISIS), local authorities said. 

The suspect saw his support for the terrorist organisation as justification for his hatred towards Turks, Deutsche Welle reported, quoting lead prosecutor Georg Freutsmiedl.

The 25-year-old, whose parents are Turkish immigrants, had pipe bombs and a firearm in his possession at the time of the arrest, the German broadcaster said. 

He had been planning more attacks, though initial investigations indicate no concrete plans, it said.

"I am relieved that the dangerous perpetrator no longer poses a threat," Deutsche Welle quoted the president of the police headquarters in southern upper Bavaria, Robert Kopp, as saying.

In three separate incidents in April, stones were thrown through the windows of Turkish shops in Waldkraiburg. In another incident, six people were injured when a vegetable stand was set on fire.

The suspect faces charges of arson, dangerous bodily harm and attempted murder.