Turkish police detain singer and columnist Atilla Taş

Turkish police late Thursday detained singer and columnist Atilla Taş, who was sentenced three years and one month in prison in March by a Turkish court over the charges of helping a terrorist organisation, Cumhuriyet newspaper reported

Taş's attorney Yaman Akdeniz said on Twitter they had been already following the judicial process on daily basis and the police had not needed to come Taş's house to detain him.

Taş was first arrested in August 2016, after he posted a tweet critical of then-Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu. He was quickly released. 

He was arrested againt in September 2016, this time over alleged links to the Gülen movement, widely believed to have orchestrated a coup attempt in 2016. He was held in pretrial detention and faced up to two life sentences if convicted, until a Turkish court released the singer in March 2017 and suspended the execution of the penalty. 

Taş was arrested a third time in April 2017 along with Murat Aksoy, a prominent journalist over charges of plotting the the coup attempt. Once more, charges were dropped after months behind bars, but the court sentenced Taş to three years and one month in prison for helping a terrorist organisation. Overall, Taş spent 416 days behind the bars. 

Turkish singer was brought to an Istanbul Court on Friday. He is expected to be taken to the prison to serve his three years and one month sentence.