Ahval editor-in-chief wins prestigious journalism award

Ahval News’ Editor-in-Chief Yavuz Baydar has been named as the recipient of the prestigious Southeast Europe Foundation’s SüdostEuropa Gesellschaft 2018 Award for Excellence in Journalism.

Baydar will receive his award, which is to be granted to a foreign journalist for the first time, at a ceremony to be held at Humboldt University on Saturday.

Baydar, who came to prominence in the Turkish media in the 1990s after beginning his journalistic career in Sweden and France, was among the founders of Punto24, a platform for independent journalism in Turkey, in 2013.

In that time, he worked as a reporter, editor, ombudsman and commentator for media including Sweden's Channel1, Cumhuriyet newspaper, Show TV, the BBC World Service, Yeni Yüzyıl, Milliyet, Sabah, TRT, CNNTürk, STV, TV24, and Today's Zaman, among others.

In October 2017, he founded Ahval, an independent news website in three languages with a focus on Turkish news.