Turkish minister Albayrak cancelled meetings with senators after refusing security check - DW

Turkish Finance Minister and son-in-law of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, Berat Albayrak, cancelled meetings at the U.S. Congress with senators during his Washington visit earlier this month after he refused to go through a security device, wrote Murat Yetkin for German broadcaster Deutsche Welle Turkish.

The incident took place after Albayrak on April 12 spoke to investors in Washington on how his new economic reform package would reinvigorate Turkey’s shrinking economy.

Albayrak requested a meeting with two senators, Lindsey Graham and Jim Rich, on the advice of the foreign ministry, yet kin wrote. However, the minister expressed that going through a security device when entering the Senate would be an insult to himself and Turkey, despite being informed that only heads of state and foreign ministers are exempt from the procedure.

Albayrak’s move could fan the flames of an already problematic relationship between Ankara Washington, Yetkin wrote.  Leading the way in issues of contentions is the two countries’ disagreement on Erdoğan’s plan to make Turkey the first NATO ally to deploy the Russian-made S-400 air and anti-missile defence system.

Minister Albayrak’s Washington visit was criticised for failing to be effective. Analysts reported that the minister offered little new information to investors during subsequent meetings about the government’s plans to tackle the problems facing Turkey’s ailing economy that has been hit by a wobbling lira.