Jul 04 2018

Legal investigation started into Turkish actress over tweet

A legal investigation has begun into a well-known Turkish actress for “insulting the people’s religious values” in a tweet, nationalist newspaper Yeniçağ said.

Berna Laçin had been talking about the proposal raised by a ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) spokesman to reintroduce the death penalty for instances of child abuse.

“If the death penalty were a solution, then Medina would not be breaking records for rapes! Don’t make me talk about this! Leave this to scientists, neurologists, psychiatrists, psychologists, sociologists and lawyers all together to come up with the solution,” she wrote.

“The state cannot build a society on the chants from (football) stands!”

She came under criticism from conservative voices on Twitter for mentioning Medina, one of the holy cities of Islam, in connection with rape, and a legal investigation was opened into the tweet.

Later, she tweeted in defence of her words.

“I did not say a single word against Islam, why would I say something against my own religion? Am I mad? I talked about Medina as a city,” Laçin said.

“Arabs are not holy, we are not Arabs, and Arabia is not our soil… If I said there was a lot of theft in Sultanahmet would I be swearing at the (Sultanahmet) mosque?”