Aug 14 2018

Turkey should be expelled from NATO - French intellectual

French intellectual Bernard-Henri Lévy wrote for the Wall Street Journal that Turkey was hostile towards its Western allies and warm towards threats to the alliance, and so should be expelled from NATO.

“As Western democracies worked to stop the spread of Islamist extremism in the Middle East, Turkey and its intelligence services engaged in a double game,” Lévy said.

“Witness the government’s delivery of arms to groups affiliated with al Qaeda and later Islamic State in January 2014, several months before the latter’s pivotal siege of Kobani.”

Turkey had also attacked Afrin, an enclave in Syria run by Kurdish allies of the United States and supposedly under Western protection, said Lévy, who has been a very public supporter of Kurdish ambitions for a nation state.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has formed a close relationship with Russian President Vladimir Putin, as well as becoming closer to Iran and China, Lévy said.

“Not long ago Europeans were debating, prematurely, whether to admit Turkey to the European Union,” Lévy said.

“Now the time has come for the West collectively to demand not simply the release of a hostage, but the expulsion of Turkey from NATO.”

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