The prophet Mohammad was an entrepreneur – Turkish president’s son

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s son Bilal said the prophet Mohammad was an entrepreneur who encouraged his followers to set up their own markets that succeeded in attracting more customers who saw they operated more fairly.

“As you know, after our prophet migrated to Medina with his companions, those companions consulted with him, asking whether they should join the existing market or establish their own market,” Bilal Erdoğan told a business awards ceremony.

“At that time, rather than entering the existing market, the Muslims established their own markets, and customers moved to their side after seeing how trade was conducted more justly there, strengthening the companions’ business. In fact, this is entrepreneurialism,” he said.

Entrepreneurialism had long motivated Islamic civilisation, Erdoğan said, leading to its spread throughout the world.

Istanbul, which Erdoğan said had not been a centre of civilisation for hundreds of years at the time of its Ottoman conquest in 1453, had been revived by the conquest and became the centre of Islamic civilisation, he said.

Islamic civilisation had similarly faded over the past few hundred years and needed to be revived, he said.