Aug 15 2018

Throw out the Bloomberg terminals, says Turkish columnist

A columnist for Turkey’s pro-government Sabah newspaper called for Turkish advertisers and financial institutions to boycott U.S. financial news service Bloomberg and other American media and social media companies.

Dilek Güngör said Bloomberg was spreading disinformation against Turkey in an attempt to harm its economy, but Turkish institutions including the Treasury, banking and market regulators and banks nonetheless subscribed to its news service.

She called on them to cancel their subscriptions, saying she had already heard that many were planning to do so.

“Be sure, in that case the process of disinformation will be stopped,” Güngör said. “If you want to dry up speculation, you need to start at the source.”

Bloomberg, as well as other U.S. media groups and social media platforms, she said, had taken sides against Turkey during widespread anti-government protests and corruption investigations into ministers and their families in 2013 and during the 2016 failed coup attempt.

In response, Turkish advertisers were now boycotting Fox TV, Google, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, she said.