Turkey’s Blue Homeland doctrine architect calls for demilitarisation of Greek city – Greek Reporter

The architect of Ankara's “ Blue Homeland” doctrine, Cihat Yaycı, has urged Turkey to call for the demilitarisation of the Greek city of Alexandroupoli ahead of upcoming exploratory talks between Ankara and Athens, the Greek City Times reported on Saturday.

Yaycı made the call for the northern Greek city, citing the Montreux Convention, a 1936 agreement concerning the Dardanelles strait, the news site said.

“According to the Montreux Treaty, the issue of demilitarization of the region must be raised again and discussed”, Yaycı, the former head of the Turkish General Staff of the Navy and head of the Centre for Naval and Strategic Studies at the University of İstanbul, said.

The Blue Homeland is the official doctrine for Turkey’s claims to territorial waters in the Aegean and Mediterranean that surpasses the internationally recognised borders with Greece, Cyprus and other Mediterranean countries.

Meanwhile, Antony Blinken, U.S. president-elect Joe Biden's nominee for secretary of state, commented on U.S. involvement in the eastern Mediterranean in a written question from Democrat Senator Robert Menendez.

Mendez asked Blinken "How will you continue to strengthen the investment described in the EastMed Act (the Partnership for Security and Energy Act) and promote further security relations with Greece and Cyprus?"

“When my appointment is ratified, I look forward to further reviewing this legislation and working with Congress and colleagues in all services to support strong ties between the US, Greece, Israel and Cyprus. US-Greek security relations are important to our interests in the Eastern Mediterranean and have grown significantly as bilateral ties have improved since the Obama-Biden administration”, Blinken replied to the senator.