Dec 18 2017

Turkey hoping to improve boron sales in 2018

Turkey is looking to more effectively market the sales of boron, a chemical element naturally abundant across Anatolia, pro-government Star newspaper quoted Energy and Natural Resources Minister Berat Albayrak as saying.

“There will be a big surprise in the first quarter of 2018,” Albayrak said. “God willing, we will be able to share a strategy to increase the value of boron at a new launch in the first quarter.”

This year is already a record-breaking year for Turkish boron sales, Albayrak said, with state boron mining monopoly Eti Mining exporting around 2.2 million tonnes of the material. Boron is used to strengthen glass, fibreglass and ceramics, and as an ingredient in fertilisers and insecticides.

In January 2018, there were plans to increase the marketability of the element further with the launch of a detergent called Bormatik and a fertiliser called Borgübre, the minister said.

Turkey has 72 percent of the world’s known borate reserves and supplies almost half of the world’s boron needs.



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