15,000 ByLock users in Ankara to be investigated - Prosecutor

Turkish law enforcement agencies have identified 15,000 users of ByLock – the encrypted chat app considered evidence for membership of the Gülen movement – but so far they have not yet been investigated because of the workload, Ankara prosecutor Yüksel Kocaman was quoted in T24 as saying.

To identify members of what the Turkish government calls the Fethullahist Terror Organisation (FETÖ), which it alleges masterminded the July 2016 coup attempt, they also consider financial records from movement-linked Islamic bank Bank Asya, Kocaman said.

The 2013 graft probe against government ministers and businesspeople close to the AKP, regarded as a FETÖ plot to overthrow the government, was a milestone for the ordinary members of the Gülen Movement, Kocaman added.

Ordinary citizens who opened accounts at Bank Asya should have seen the real face of the movement and cut ties with it after the 2013 probe, Kocaman said. 

"Those who transferred more money at the orders of FETÖ leaders are our suspects ... They are members of a terror organisation."



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