Cumhuriyet newspaper accountant released after 8 months

An accountant at Cumhuriyet newspaper was released pending trial after 267 days in prison after it was discovered that he was one of over 11,000 people who had been tricked into visiting the IP address of a mobile application linked to an anti-government group, the opposition newspaper said.

“It isn’t over, justice hasn’t yet been done,” Emre İper said on his release. “There are so many people still inside (prison).”

A series of apparently-innocuous mobile applications offering convenient ways to do everything from finding the direction of Mecca to streaming music were released under the name Mor Beyin (Purple Brain) to Google Play.

However, the apps directed users to IP addresses used by a messaging app called ByLock, which is alleged to have been a principal means of communication between members of the Gülen movement, a sect that the Turkish government accuses of being behind the failed July 2016 coup attempt.

İper still faces the charges and will not be allowed to leave the country until the prosecution ends.


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