Peker confirms weapons transfer incident he threatened journalist Can Dündar over

Turkish journalist Can Dündar said he received a death threat while behind bars from convicted crime boss Sedat Peker over his 2015 report alleging that the Turkish government tried to ship arms to Islamists in Syria, a claim Peker backed in his latest tell-all video.

“You betrayed the nation. You deserve to be executed,” read Peker’s threat to Dündar in the form of a note he received while in jail in 2016 over the report, which said that Turkey’s intelligence service (MİT) had allegedly transported ammunition and other weaponry to Turkey-backed rebels in Syria.

“The truth has emerged, but not the whole truth yet,” Dündar said, referring to Peker’s latest allegations.

Earlier on Sunday, the mob boss on his YouTube channel accused Ankara of conspiring with a pro-government paramilitary force known as SADAT to channel aid intended for Syria’s Turkish minority to extremist groups linked to Al Qaeda and Hayat Tahrir al-Sham.

Last year, Dündar was sentenced in absentia to more than 27 years in jail on terrorism-related charges over the report published in Cumhuriyet daily, where he served as editor-in-chief.

“We were interrogated, put on trial, jailed, shot at, separated from our families and arrived in exile, all of our assets were seized,” Dündar said on his Germany-based Özgürüz (“We are free”) media platform, referring the aftermath of the weaponry report.

Recalling the almost three-decade jail sentence he received on terror charges over the Cumhuriyet report, the journalist who now lives in Germany said that it was not only journalists like himself who paid the price for the report, whose “authenticity was confirmed” by Peker.

Prosecutors, judges and lawmakers and Cumhuriyet journalists had all suffered over the now confirmed report, Dündar said.

“We are slowly approaching the final, which everyone knows,” the journalist added. “Let us say what Peker is insinuating, but not saying… a sleepless week is beginning for Tayyip Abi.”

Peker, in his closing remarks on Sunday, addressed the Turkish president, referring to him as “abi”, a term used out of respect for males. The crime boss said he would be addressing Erdoğan, whom he has long been a loyalist of, next.