Canada starts accelerated asylum procedure for Turks

Canada has announced that from January 2018 onwards, it will exempt the asylum applications of Turkish citizens from the court process.

This means the procedure will be accelerated, Turkish news website Gazete Duvar reported.

Canada is known for its welcoming approach, Duvar said, and the list of countries with “accelerated asylum” procedure includes Afghanistan, Burundi, Egypt, Eritrea, Iraq, Syria and Yemen as well as Turkey.

The change in policy aims at providing legal protections to those under risk quicker, and it is taken on the basis of certain conditions, such as an increase in applications, the acceptance rate from a specific country, or else a blanket decision over the conditions in a specific country.

Last year, the rate of acceptance of the Canada-wide asylum applications was 63 per cent, while 82 per cent of those from Turkish citizens were approved, Duvar said, and the “protected person” status also covers the families of the applicants.