Neo-Nazi group threatens to 'execute' German lawmaker Cem Özdemir

German police are investigating a death threat from a Neo-Nazi group against lawmaker of Turkish descent, Cem Özdemir, German broadcaster Deutche Welle reported on Saturday.

Özdemir was featured at the top of an assasination list officials believe to be linked to an offshoot of the U.S.-based neo-Nazi group, Atomwaffe Division Deutschland (AWD), it said.

Özdemir's office passed details to police of an email that threatened the politician with "execution."

"At the moment, we are planning how and when we will execute you; At the next public rally? Or will we get you in front of your home?" Deutsche Welle cited Germany's Funke Mediengruppe newspaper group as quoting the email. 

A former leader of the Greens and one of Germany's highest-profile politicians of Turkish origin, Özdemir is an outspoken critic of Turkey’s human rights record.

Security concerns are not new for the 53-year-old, who has received numerous death threats from Turkish nationalists over his vocal stance against the Turkish government.