Jun 10 2018

Authors claim Turkish book store chain censoring children’s book on evolution

The authors of a children’s book which explains the process of evolution say their work is being censored by Turkey's largest book store chain D&R after the company was sold to the Demirören group, known for it’s close relations to Turkey’s leading Islamist Justice and Development Party (AKP), Marxist news website SoL reported.

Seçkin Eroğlu and Deniz Hasret state that their book ‘Bilbi ile Evrimi Öğreniyorum’ (I’m learning about evolution with Bilbi) is reported as being ‘’out of stock’’ by D & R, despite confirmation from suppliers that the book remains available.

Author Eroğlu noted that a customer service representative with D&R explained that the ‘top-level’ management decides on which books are to be sold.

‘’We believe that our book, which is sold online with no problems, has been removed from D&R shelves because of the company’s new owners,’’ Eroğlu said.

In March, Turkey’s Doğan Media group, the country’s largest media organisation, was sold to the pro-government Demirören Group. Currently, 90 percent of Turkish media is under government supervision.