Ministry asks Turks to inform on "inappropriate" foreign popular culture

The Turkish Ministry of Youth and Sports’ culture department has created a platform imploring Turks to report on content in foreign popular culture deemed to be Islamophobic or in other ways contrary to Turkish culture, left-wing newspaper BirGün reported on Saturday.

The “We are aware” platform lists the content it deems inappropriate on its website, detailing the undesirable elements in titles ranging from video games to cartoons.

These include blatantly offensive titles such as the 2008 low budget independently-published video game Muslim Massacre, but also mainstream titles such as 1990s sitcom friends, which is on the list thanks to a scene where one of the main characters dances while wearing a Turkey and fez on her head.

Long-running animated comedy series The Simpsons also takes its place on the list, thanks to an episode where a main character, Marge Simpson, asks Turkish characters, “which came first, Turkey the bird or Turkey the you guys?”

The website, and filmed advertisements shared on YouTube, asks users to take note of any similar content and send details through an online form to be analysed.

The platform is also active and publishes details of the unwelcome cultural products on its social media accounts.