Feb 18 2018

Turkish use of chemical weapons extremely unlikely – White House

A White House official has said the U.S. is aware of reports that Turkey has used chemical weapons in its ongoing incursion into Syria’s Afrin region. However, the official stressed the U.S. believes it is extremely unlikely Turkey employs such weapons in Syria.

The comments come following reports that surfaced on Saturday of civilians admitted to Afrin’s main hospital suffering from breathing difficulties and other symptoms consistent with the inhalation of poison gas. They are reported to have arrived at the hospital following a Turkish attack on the village of Arandi.

The claims could not be independently verified. Images from the hospital showed patients breathing oxygen, though not apparently suffering from symptoms such as twitching, vomiting or foaming at the mouth.

The Turkish military denied using internationally banned munitions in a statement published Saturday, adding that, “The Turkish Armed Forces does not keep such munitions in its inventory.”