Mysterious gas hospitalises 60 in Istanbul suburb

Sixty people were hospitalised in the Istanbul district of Tuzla after a mysterious chemical gas was released throughout three neighbourhoods on Monday evening, Milliyet said.

The gas company, fire service, water company, disaster agency, national medical rescue team, local authorities and security services are still researching the incident, it said.

The Istanbul water authorities made a statement in which they said four sewage trucks of the chemicals “tetrachiorcezhene and trichloroethene” had been dumped into sewers.

However, a toxicology expert told TV channel HaberTürk that he had never come across either of these chemicals in the literature.

“Is the other trichloroethane or trichloroethylene?” Musin Konuk asked the channel. “I have my doubts. Whichever it is, these are both seriously toxic compounds.”

“It has been established that the source of the smell came from chemical waste discharged into a wastewater collector line,” the Istanbul Municipality said in a statement on Monday.

Turkey’s Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency (AFAD) said that despite having carried out measurements, the gas couldn't be detected by their equipment and as such they were unable to decipher the source.


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