Turkey issues China travel advisory over coronavirus concerns

Turkey’s foreign ministry issued a warning on Monday urging its citizens to avoid travelling  to China, particularly regions in China hardest-hit by the new coronavirus.

The ministry recommended citizens to avoid unnecessary travel to Hubei province, in central China.

"It is highly recommended that our citizens do not travel to China unless it is necessary and if they travel there, they should stay away from the regions where the [coronavirus] cases are seen, especially in Hubei province," the foreign ministry said in a statement.

Hubei province’s capital city, Wuhan, is where the coronavirus outbreak is believed to have started before spreading across 29 provinces in the country.

Cases of the new virus, which has pneumonia-like symptoms, have been reported in Japan, North Korea, South Korea, Thailand, the U.S., Singapore, France, Malaysia, Australia, and Vietnam.

Turkey earlier this month arranged thermal cameras for screening passengers arriving from China at the airports. 

The rapidly mounting cases of coronavirus have placed countries on edge. At least 81 people dead and infected more than 2,700 others in the outbreak.