Dec 13 2017

Printers pressured not to print book on Turkish opposition leader

The head of a Turkish publishing house said a printing firm declined to print a book-length interview with the country’s main opposition leader as the company was already being investigated for other political books it had printed, left-nationalist news site OdaTV said.

“Our publishing house came across a surprising obstruction at the printing press with the book from our December 2017 programme ‘There is Always Hope’, which contains an interview with CHP (Republican People’s Party) Chairman Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu by journalist and writer Makbule Cengiz,” said Haluk Hepkon, the owner of Kırmızı Kedi Publishers.

“The representatives of the printing press have announced that they would not be able to work with ‘There is Always Hope’ for reasons beyond the content such as 'they could face various problems,' 'they might be investigated,' etc.,” Hepkon said.

He said this was a new form of censorship experienced by his company “in this Turkey where unpublished books are collected up and confiscated”.