Turkey’s main opposition MP fends off armed attack

People’s Republican Party’s (CHP) Malatya MP and Deputy Chairperson Veli Ağbaba stopped a man who opened fire with a gun during a council meeting of his party, left-wing news Duvar on Monday.

The assailant fired one shot at the wall in the direction of Ağbaba and other speakers during the meeting, Duvar said, with the deputy chairperson and other CHP members lunging at the assailant to gain possession of his gun.

Nobody was hurt in the attack, however the assailant managed to flee the scene.

The gun was taken by the police as evidence in an investigation launched into the incident, Duvar said.

Veli Ağbaba posted a video on his Twitter account and said the man fired a single shot towards the wall to frighten the speaker, CHP’s chairperson for the Akçadağ district of southern Malatya province, Ali Aslan.

The police report on the incident said the assailant was identified as CHP member Cihangir S.