Colombia arrests three suspects over Turkish-Canadian professor’s murder

The Colombian authorities arrested on Friday three suspects, including two women, over their links to the murder of a Turkish-Canadian professor, who was found dead on Dec. 24 on a riverside at the outskirts of Medellin city, Anadolu Agency reported

Professor Ramazan "Ramo" Gencay went missing on Dec. 6 in Colombia's second-largest city Medellin. Gencay, a professor of economics at Simon Fraser University in Canada, was in Colombia for seminars at a local university.

According to the closed-circuit video cameras of a salsa club, Gencay was seen with some strangers at the place, after which his credit cards were used on Dec. 7-8, Anadolu said. 

According to the Medellín Mayor’s Office, Gencay fell victim to a criminal gang that preyed on men looking for companionship by using a popular social media app, the Global News said. Gencay reportedly met a woman through the app, who later drugged and kidnapped him.

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