Earning a million dollars by playing a game

When we were young, there were two types of heroes. One type were the superheroes we read about in comic books and sometimes saw on television or at the movies, and the other were the adults in our lives who we saw as heroes.

Over the years, many definitions emerged, such as hero, superhero, and anti-hero. In the old days, anyone wearing a costume with a cape counted as a superhero. Later, superheroes like John Constantine who wore normal clothing began to appear, and not everyone in a cape was a superhero. Clearer definitions were needed to differentiate heroes from superheroes.


Eventually, it was decided that superheroes could be set apart from other people by their special talents or powers along with their ability to fight extraordinary evil that only the hero could beat. This definition was enough for most people.

This definition was also embraced by video game companies. In the new games, players created teams, and all of the characters they could choose from were called “hero” or “champion.”

We are now living in an age of heroes, and Emre Sarıoğlu is pretty close to being a hero. But who is Emre Sarıoğlu? If you haven’t heard anything about the game Overwatch, then you probably don’t know who he is.

Overwatch is the world’s most popular computer game, and as of now, it has 26 hero characters. Everyone is wondering who the 27th character is going to be.

Blizzard, the company that makes the game, recently released a little story about who the next character will be. The story is about a mission that takes place in Istanbul, and players will be familiar with three of the four characters in the story. The fourth character is the soldier Emre Sarıoğlu. Many fans and news sites around the world don’t think Emre will be the 27th hero, but there are a lot of people who believe he will be.

If you’re asking why so many news sites are interested in the Overwatch story and what this has to do with making money, then you don’t know very much about electronic sports, also called e-sports.

These days, major e-sports tournaments are held around the world for computer gamers. The best players in the world earn good money, not only from the tournaments but also from sponsorship deals. Teenage computer game addicts can make deals worth millions of dollars.

gaming tournament

E-sport games are played in teams of five, so e-sports can be thought of as a sort of team sport, although obviously single-player games, like Hearthstone, aren’t played in teams.

Those not familiar with e-sports will be interested to know that there are even national e-sport teams. National teams are made up of the best players of a particular game. Naturally, Turkey has e-sports teams for some games, and a tournament organized in Turkey would attract quite a lot of participants.

There are a lot of ways to make money from the Internet, but computer games are one of the lesser-known ways of doing this. Still, there are a lot of families that are trying to push their children into mastering e-sport games because the really good players can earn millions of dollars.

It’s even possible for amateurs to earn money from computer games. By playing a game for hours and getting the hero up to a certain level, players can then put their characters up for sale. So, after playing a game for months and reaching a very high level, you can sell your hero or even your virtual farm, depending on the game. And it’s not just your heroes you can sell — you can also earn a lot of money by selling the prizes you win or the objects you collect in a game.

For example, the game World of Warcraft has a bunch of items that players put up for sale. People who’ve just started playing the game or those who want to reach a certain level will purchase these items for the right price.

world of warcraft

These video games can be played simultaneously on the Internet with people from all over the world, so young people in particular are attracted to them. The sector is growing quickly.

If your interest in these games has been piqued somewhat, then you should also be aware of the little game cheats. A lot of people use search engines to look for these cheats. If you know the cheats for a particular game, they can save you in a difficult situation, especially in single-player games.

For players who spend most of their time playing games but who don’t play very well, another way to make money is to open a YouTube page. This way, they can draw a lot of fans by explaining the game as they play it, and they can share their cheats and progress.

It’s quite natural for a YouTuber to make money if he or she can attract a lot of viewers. While some video game companies are paying YouTubers to take down their videos of newly-released games, other companies write generous checks to people who advertise their products in new videos.

In case you’re wondering how much money someone can make in a year by playing computer games, I’m going to end this article with a short example. In the 2017 Defense of the Ancients 2 (DotA2) tournament held in Kiev, the team that came in first won a million dollars. The teams that came in fifth through eighth place were each awarded $125,000.


The DotA2 tournament with the world’s biggest prize was also held in 2017, this time in Seattle. The award pool for that one was $24,687,919. The team that came in first place took home a check for $10 million, and the teams that came in fifth and sixth place each won almost a million dollars.

Who knows, maybe Emre Sarıoğlu or another Turkish-origin hero will someday be one of the most popular Overwatch characters. It’s even possible that one day a Turkish game company will emerge and offer a game that will shake up the world.

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