Ban on high-rises instituted after Erdoğan comment

No new permits will be given for buildings higher than five floors in places opened up to new construction, Environment and Urban Planning Minister Mehmet Özhaseki was quoted as saying by economy newspaper Dünya.

The news came in the wake of a comment opposing high-rise buildings by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan last month.

“There are high-rise buildings everywhere,” Erdoğan said. “From now on, only five-plus-one (storey) buildings will be given permission. I will be following this.”

Özhaseki also told a press conference that Turkey would not change its position and ratify the Paris Agreement on climate change unless the country was moved from the category of countries providing aid under the agreement to those receiving aid.

He also said that attempts to reduce bureaucracy had borne fruit and that the number of bureaucrats involved in the approval of building licenses had been reduced from 18 to two, with the prospect of a single official being able to approve new construction in future.