Turkey’s urban planning ministry orders demolition of illegal buildings in coastal Bodrum

Turkey’s Ministry of Environment and Urbanisation has given eight companies one month to demolish 1611 residences and four hotels, which were found in violation of zoning laws in the country’s Western coastal city Bodrum.

“We are giving the companies a one month period. If they fail to demolish the illegal constructions, we will do so ourselves,‘’ Hürriyet newspaper quoted the Minister of Environment and Urbanisation Murat Kurum as saying.

The minister said the decision followed fieldwork by 100 ministry staff in the province of Muğla and unless the companies failed to demolish the structures themselves, the ministry would take matters into its own hands through the governor’s office.

“We will not allow for such indifferent construction to take place within the natural beauty [of the region],” Kurum said, adding that the ministry was set to increase inspections throughout the country.

The Ministry of Environment and Urbanisation, in inspections held nationwide over the past year, has flagged 20,000 structures as being illegal.

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