CNN Türk bans over dozen journalists from entering building over virus outbreak

CNN Türk, owned by government-affiliated conglomerate Demirören Holding, has banned 16 journalists and cameramen from entering the building of the news outlet due to the coronavirus outbreak, Turkey Journalists Union (TGS) said on Sunday.

"CNN Türk pushed seven reporters and nine cameramen into a few square meters," TGS said.

"Is this your understanding of precaution [against the pandemic]?" TGS said.

All 16 employees follow news on the streets, that's why they are not allowed to enter the CNN Türk building, the union said, adding that they are not even allowed to use the building for their basic needs.

Turkey’s death toll from the coronavirus reached 21 on Saturday after 12 elderly people succumbed to the pandemic, as the number of confirmed cases in the country has increased to 947.