15 July ad in Washington Post calls for Gülen’s extradition

Turkey-American National Steering Committee (TASC), an organisation aiming strong United States – Turkey relations, placed a full-page advertisement in the Washington Post on Sunday, on the anniversary of failed coup attempt in Turkey in 2016, to urge Americans to press for the extradition of Fethullah Gülen to Turkey.

Turkish government accuses the Gülen movement, a religious group led by Fethullah Gülen, of orchestrating the coup attempt on July 15, 2016. Fethullah Gülen lives in self-imposed exile in the United States and the extradition of Gülen has been a source of tension between two allies since the coup attempt.

TASC’s advertisement titled “Demanding Justice: Sustaining Pressure Against Fethullah Gülen and His Cult” equates Fethullah Gülen to Sheikh Omar Abdel-Rahman, who was sentenced to life in prison in the United States for plotting the deadly 1993 World Trade Center attacks.

According to the advertisement, in contrast to the case of Rahman, “each passing day that the United States delays the extradition of Fethullah Gülen to Turkey, the people of Turkey are denied justice from the horrors they suffered on July 15, 2016.”

In its advertisement, TASC claims that Gülen and his followers have been involved in criminal activity in the United States, including exploitation of the education system through charter schools, corrupt business and political practices, ethic violations, immigration fraud, and unfair labour practices, as well as blackmailing and racketeering. 

TASC warned Americans that the Gülen Movement tries systematically to infiltrate public institutions and commended whistleblowers who are cooperating with Turkish and American law enforcement to stop "FETÖ" (Fethullaist Terror Organization )as the Turkish government calls, in America. TASC is led by pro-AKP American Turkish leaders in the U.S. and acts as an umbrella organisation for many Turkish-US associations.