COVID-19 positive toddler dies after hospital wait in southeast Turkey, says family

An 18-month-old baby infected with COVID-19 has died following a long wait for an intensive care unit at a hospital in Turkey’s southeastern city of Batman, Duvar news site reported on Sunday, citing the toddler’s family.

The toddler was taken to the hospital three times between Nov. 22-Nov. 24 with a fever and respiratory problems, but sent home each time after being administered medication, Duvar cited the victim’s aunt, Safiye Akdağ, as saying.

It   was   during   a   fourth   visit   to   the   emergency   room   on   Nov.   25,  when tomography was administered, that the baby was diagnosed with the deadly coronavirus. Even after the diagnosis, the baby was made to wait eight hours for availability in the ICU, according to Akdağ.

The toddler was eventually transported to a private hospital, where she lost her life.

The Batman Provincial Health Directorate has denied claims the toddler died due to unavailability at a Batman ICU. 

"Our patient was transferred to an ICU in a private hospital, accompanied by a paediatrician,’’ the directorate said. "Despite all medical intervention and treatment in the three days that followed, the patient could not be saved.’’