Turkey set to implement new nationwide COVID-19 measures

Turkey’s Interior Ministry announced on Sunday it was stepping up measures to combat the spread of COVID-19, including pandemic inspections and the establishment of general healthcare committees in all towns and provinces.

In a notice sent to all 81 of Turkey’s provinces, the ministry said the committees would meet next week to analyse and discuss the tracking, supervision, and warnings of the virus, T24 news site reported.

The ministry cited the huge spikes of coronavirus cases across the world, especially in Europe, in highlighting the need for stricter inspections for compliance of pandemic measures.

The Turkish Health Ministry earlier this week announced that Turkey’s largest city of Istanbul had seen a 50 percent spike in cases in recent weeks.

The committee meeting would be followed by new measures to stem the spread of the deadly virus, but no date was given for the announcement of the new regulations.

New decisions have already been taken by the Health Ministry and President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, it said.

The notice focused on pandemic related issues, such as risk management, social isolation, social distancing, controlling the spread of the virus and hygiene, among others, T24 said.

Moreover, Turkish authorities world began legal proceedings against behaviours that violate pandemic measures in accordance with Article 206 of the Turkish Penal Code, it said

The measures arrive as Turkey announced on Sunday 72 deaths and 1,815 new coronavirus infections, bringing the country’s total death toll from COVID-19 to 9,296, while the total number of patients now stands at 347,493.