International drug runner will testify "against Turkey" in U.S. court

Memet Gezer, a Turkish national convicted of drug trafficking and forgery in the United States, will provide testimony that is damaging for Turkey in a court case in New York, according to a report by the Turkish OdaTV news site.

Gezer and Syrian national Saber Karimch were extradited to the United States from Montenegro in 2016 after they were recorded arranging to sell military grade weapons to U.S. informants posing as Mexican drug traffickers.

The news that Gezer will appear in court in the United States was attributed to sources from Turkish intelligence by OdaTV.

The convicted drug trafficker provided information to the police about the 2013 terrorist bombing of the town of Reyhanli on the Turkish-Syrian border, an attack which killed 52 people.

Gezer is due to appear at the court for the Southern District of New York City, the same court where the case against the Turkish Halkbank and Hakan Atilla for breaking the sanctions on Iran was heard.

The Atilla trial hit headlines last December due to the presence of Turkish-Iranian gold trader Reza Zarrab, whose testimony implicated top officials from Turkey’s ruling Justice and Development Party, including the former economy minister Zafer Çağlayan and President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.