Aug 01 2018

Turkish news site editor given six months’ jail over Muhammed cartoon

A Turkish court sentenced the former editor of the internet website of Turkish newspaper Cumhuriyet to six months in prison for insulting the Prophet Muhammed by reproducing a cartoon, independent news site T24 said.

Oğuz Güven told the court he had removed the content, taken from French satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo and reproduced in relation to a news story about his colleagues being prosecuted for using it, within 15 minutes of it going out online.

He was given six months of a possible year’s sentence on charges of “provoking a section of people to hatred and enmity” on the basis of religion.

Güven called the case idiotic and said the decision to sentence him had already been made in advance and the judiciary browbeaten into accepting it.

His colleagues Ceyda Karan and Hikmet Çetinkaya had previously each been given two-year sentences for publishing the cartoon in Cumhuriyet newspaper.