Aug 10 2018

US dollar will suffer hangover - AKP deputy

The U.S. dollar is in a mood of ecstasy at a crazy party and is experiencing depth intoxication, Turkey’s Justice and Development Party’s (AKP) parliamentary group head Naci Bostancı said on Friday.

Bostancı shared his views about the currency crisis on Twitter on Friday after Turkey’s lira slumped more than 10 percent against the dollar, saying that manipulative attacks coming from inside and outside the country had damaged the public’s perceptions and advised Turks to defeat the manipulators by rejecting their manipulations. 

Bostancı also added that people should not behave according to sudden changes in exchange rates and focus on long term parities instead.

“The dollar is now at a crazy party, in a mood of ecstasy. Like depth intoxication, it is going forward without reason along with those joining it. But this crazy party will eventually end and the economy will return to reality,” Bostancı said.

People should be wise enough to watch this craziness from outside, in order to avoid being caught among those who will lose out when the party ends, Bostancı noted. 

“Those who have analytical skills will not be a part of this temporary ‘hallucination’, taking into account Turkey’s past experiences, production capacity, means, potential, and wisdom,” Bostancı concluded.