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Dec 04 2018

Greek court awards custody of child to Turkish mother, Turkish court to Greek father

A Greek court ruled a three-year-old child of a Turkish-Greek couple should stay with her Turkish mother after the couple split up, but a Turkish court ruled she should remain with her Greek father, left-wing Turkish news site Gazete Duvar reported.

The child’s Greek father, Yorgo Tsakiridis, took the girl to the Greek port city of Thessaloniki from the western Turkish province of Izmir in 2016, it said.

The child’s Turkish mother, Dilek Güneş, took the issue to a Turkish court, but it ruled the girl should remain with her father.

Tsakiridis applied for custody in a court in Thessaloniki, but that court ruled the girl should stay with her mother, saying it was better for the child’s emotional stability.

Güneş then appealed the Turkish court’s decision in the Turkish Supreme Court, but it upheld the decision to keep the child with her father, news website Diken said.

Güneş is now appealing to Turkey’s Constitutional Court.

“I’m waiting for a miracle,” Güneş said. “I want this decision to be rectified. How can my three-year-old who needs me be taken away from this country?”