May 15 2018

Ankara stalling Cyprus talks – source

Turkey is stalling a new round of Cyprus talks by refusing to agree to the appointment of the personal envoy of the United Nations secretary-general, Greek newspaper Kathimerini quoted a “well-informed” anonymous source as saying.

Greece and Britain, the source said, had already given their blessing for Jane Holl Lute to come to the island and meet with the two Cypriot leaders and three guarantor powers, but Turkey is waiting for the results of its snap elections on June 24.

Turkey and the Greek Cypriot-dominated Republic of Cyprus have recently had disagreements over attempts to drill for oil and gas in the eastern Mediterranean Sea.

Turkey blocked attempts to drill for oil in Cypriot waters in February, saying that both communities on the island should first agree to it. Turkey intends to begin drilling in its own waters this Summer.