Feb 27 2018

German ship permit to anger Greeks - Turkish media

A Turkish newspaper is reporting that the Turkish government issued a navigational telex (NAVTEX) to grant permission for a German research ship to conduct its operation in an area between Crete and Cyprus.

According to the report, RV Maria S. Merian, one of Germany's state-of-the-art research vessels, applied for a NAVTEX to get permission from the Turkish government. The NAVTEX issued for RV Maria S. Merian, equipped with several laboratories to measure sea conductivity, temperature, and depth, implied that Turkey and not Greece had the sovereign right to issue such licenses, pro-government Milliyet newspaper said.

Following a similar problem on Dec. 29 last year with another German research ship, RV Meteor, Greece cancelled the licence she issued for the vessel.

The paper said that the recent NAVTEX was for an area 580 km long and 25 km wide under Turkish, Greek and Cypriot control.

Recently tensions between Cyprus, Greece and Turkey have been on the rise as Turkish vessels twice tried to stop oil exploration ships operating under contract with the Cyprus government. EU governments sided with Greece and Cyprus on the issue, warning Ankara to allow them to operate in the area.