Greek Cyprus to protest Turkish nuclear plant

The Republic of Cyprus is to formally oppose the construction of a nuclear power plant at Akkuyu in southern Turkey, just a few dozen kilometres from the island, Greek newspaper Kathimerini said.

Government spokesman Prodromos Prodromou said the plant, whose groundbreaking ceremony was attended by videoconference by the Turkish and Russian presidents on Tuesday, "raises concerns for a possible impact in terms of safety because such a power plant in this area affects our country much more than the largest part of the Turkish territory."

Turkey had disregarded its international responsibilities in choosing the site for the plant, Prodromou said.

"Turkey did not take into account the grave reservations expressed by various quarters, nor did it heed the European Parliament's call to terminate the construction plans since this is a seismologically vulnerable area,” he said.

"Neither has it taken into consideration the call to adopt the Espoo Convention on the trans-border environmental effects."

In addition, Prodromou said, Turkey had been told by the European Union in its most recent progress report to consult with Greece and Cyprus over the issue.

"Through these actions, Turkey creates conditions of instability and possible dangers, and it seems to ignore obligations deriving from its relations with the EU, and the need for good neighbouring relations," he said.