Reunification talks might be interrupted - Cypriot FM

Cypriot foreign minister has warned that reunification talks might be interrupted if Turkey continues to block gas exploration around Cyprus, The Times reported on Friday. 

Nikos Christodoulides, the newly-inaugurated foreign minister of Cyprus, criticised the Turkish government and the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan following his inaugural address according to the paper and said: “Mr Erdogan behaves in this way not only against Cyprus but also Syria, Iraq, the Europeans and the United States.”

Since mid-February, Turkish and Greek vessels came head to head twice near Cyprus. Most recently Turkish ships, blocked an Italian oil exploration ship, Saipem working under a contract with the Cypriot government last week.

Cyprus has been split between the internationally recognised Greek Cypriot administration in the south, and the breakaway Turkish Cypriot government in the north since the Turkish invasion in 1974.