Both Cypriot communities to hold January elections crucial to island’s future

The fate of the island of Cyprus is likely to depend on the outcome of elections in Turkish Cyprus and Greek Cyprus, both of which are due to take place this month, Politico said.

The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus holds its parliamentary elections tomorrow, with the nationalist National Unity Party likely to take the most seats.

“Any negotiating process whereby the Greek Cypriots will continue to be treated as the dominant side of Cyprus and the Turkish Cypriots will be treated as a mere community of Cyprus — we are not interested in it anymore,” Politico quoted Foreign Minister Tahsin Ertuğruloğlu of the National Unity Party as saying. “We wasted 50 years doing that.”

Then in the Jan. 28 Greek Cypriot parliamentary elections and Feb. 4 runoff, current president Nicos Anastasiades looks most likely to retain his seat: formerly in favour of reunification talks, he has since become disillusioned with them, Politico said.

However, after the talks collapsed last year, it will require an unlikely renewal of political will on both sides to save the dream of reuniting the island, it added.