Far-right to contest Cypriot presidential elections for first time

A far-right party is to contest the Greek Cypriot presidential elections for the first time in January after entering parliament last year, British newspaper The Guardian said.

Elam, “a copycat version of Greece’s neo-nazi party Golden Dawn” won two seats in the European Union member’s 56-seat parliament in May 2016 on a platform of opposing any uniting of the island on multicultural principles.

Incumbent president Nicos Anastasiades faces eight other rivals including a strong communist candidate who also supports island-wide unity and the centre-right Nikolas Papadopoulos, who also opposes the Cyprus reunification process as it stands.

“A solution is basically there,” The Guardian quoted commentator Kyriakos Pierides as saying. “It does not require too much, just political will to sit down and finalise it.”