Feb 24 2018

Turkish Cypriots must take part in management of Cyprus' resources - PM

Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus' (TRNC) Prime Minister Tufan Erhürman stated that Cypriot Turks must participate in all decision making and administrative processes regarding gas exploration developments in Cyprus. Erhürman said that it is not enough to merely promise some future share of gas wealth to Cypriot Turks.

Erhürman, during a press conference at the prime ministry in northern Cyprus, stated that the Turkish Cypriots are one of two main elements of the isle to manage and decide such issues. 

Last week, the European Union called on Turkey to rein in its aggression after the Republic of Cyprus accused the Turks of obstructing a gas exploration vessel.

It was also reported that the Republic of Cyprus is expected to lodge a protest with the United Nations over moves by Turkey to prevent an Italian vessel from exploring for gas in the eastern Mediterranean.  

The TRNC premier asserted in the same press conference that since the time of previous presidents on both sides of Cyprus [Talat-Hristofyas], the federal state has been referenced as the ultimate authority to decide over such matters. However, Erhürman added, "the [state] structure of which Anastasiadis [the president of the Republic of Cyprus] currently serves as president is not the structure referenced as the federal state, which will come into being only after the solution process successfully concludes."

The United States weighed in on the mounting dispute over gas exploration rights around the Mediterranean island of Cyprus, telling Ahval on Wednesday that it supports the right of the Republic of Cyprus right to explore its waters for potentially valuable gas resources.

It was also reported on Friday that the European Union (EU) may cancel a planned summit with Turkish President Erdogan next month in Bulgaria due to escalation between Turkey and Greek Cyprus.