Turkish Cypriots only community working towards solution on island, says Akıncı

The Turkish Cypriots are the only community working towards a solution on the divided island of Cyprus as they continue to be the biggest victim of the status quo, the Cyprus Mail quoted Turkish Cypriot leader Mustafa Akıncı saying.

“The Turkish Cypriot community is the only one which is eagerly developing proposals and which worries about the passage of time”  Akinci said during a new year address on Monday.

Cyprus is split between the Republic of Cyprus and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus following Turkey’s invasion of 1974. Turkey does not diplomatically recognise the Republic of Cyprus in the southern part of the island and is the only country to recognise the Turkish Cypriot republic. Talks on reunifying Cyprus broke down in July last year.

 Noting that almost everybody agrees that the solution will be achieved within the UN framework and through negotiations, Akıncı highlighted that, “It is not possible to both be within the UN framework and exclude certain UN parameters which have been developed throughout the years.”

The demand by Turkish Cypriots for political equality and effective participation in decisions are included in the solution as the have been agreed upon as UN parameters, the Turkish Cypriot leader added.

“Is there anyone of us who will say yes to the unitary state structure which will make the Turkish Cypriots a minority? Even asking this is absurd,” he added.

The Turkish Cypriot leader went on to say that the desire by the Greek Cypriot side for decisions to be taken with the Greek Cypriot majority and by bypassing the political equality of the Turkish Cypriots and their effective participation in decisions is out of the question.

Akinci also noted that decentralisation was open to discussion whenever the Greek Cypriot side was ready to define what this would entail, instead of proposing this model as a delaying tactic.

The Greek Cypriot administration has expressed its determination to resume the talks, calling for staying true to a solution based on a bizonal, bicommunal federation on the divided island and has said the resumption of reunification talks for the island are being prevented by Turkey blocking the search for offshore gas and Turkish Cypriots making unacceptable demands.