United Kingdom calls for Cyprus solution based on U.N. resolutions

The UK Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office stated on Friday that it only supported solutions to reunite Cyprus that are based on U.N. resolutions.

“The UK believes that a bizonal, bicommunal federation is a broad enough framework for both sides to meet their respective objectives,” the Foreign Office said in a statement released to the Cyprus News Agency.

This is essentially the policy as determined by U.N. resolutions.

The statement was revised later on Friday to add that UK Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab has no intention of deviating from the proposal as stated above, and that Raab supported a decentralised federation.

The statement added that the U.K. delegation in Geneva “urged the parties in Cyprus to be creative and flexible,” and suggested that many different solutions could be considered for reunification.

The statement was released after a report by the Turkish Service of the BBC World Service on Friday which had wrongly claimed that an alternative proposal to the decentralised federation – as proposed by the U.N. – had been made by Raab.

Inconclusive informal talks on this issue were held in Geneva from April 25-27. They may be continued in two months if the U.N. finds there is sufficient common ground between the two parties.