Erdoğan accused former President Gül of creating disorder among party ranks

Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan accused former President Abdullah Gül of creating disorder among the ruling AKP’s supporters, after Gül’s criticism of the latest government decree.

Without naming Gül directly, but in an apparent reference to his recent criticism that the decrees damage the rule of law in Turkey, Erdoğan said he is surprised by the reactions from his former party colleagues.

Addressing his party’s supporters in Düzce province, Erdoğan was quoted by secularist newspaper Cumhuriyet as saying:

What is that you desire with these reactions? What do you aim by creating disorder?

What we need is unity, and act in solidarity. The will of the nation will prevail.

Meanwhile, Gül also made a statement over Twitter regarding the reactions from AKP MPs and ‘social media trolls’ to his criticism.

I note that the attacks by some members of the parliament and related trolls over the social media have increased gradually since my recent remarks. These disrespectful attacks are overstepping moral boundaries, and becoming insults.

As someone who believes in the freedom of thought and expression, which is one of the founding principles of our party (AKP), I will continue to explain my views as I deem necessary.