Those who criticise government decrees are no different than coup plotters – PM Yıldırım

Turkey’s Prime Minister Binani Yıldırım slammed critics of the latest decree laws that granted immunity to civilians, saying the law protects ‘coup heroes’ and those who object to government decrees are no different than coup plotters.

Addressing the supporters of the ruling AKP in the province of Burdur, Yıldırım was quoted by secularist newspaper Cumhuriyet as saying “What is wrong with looking out for our citizens who resisted to the coup attempt? Shouldn’t they take the streets and defend their country if there happens to be another coup attempt?”

Yıldırım also targeted the main opposition party CHP’s leader Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu, accusing him of not backing the decrees that, Yıldırım said, protects the Turkish nation.